Reap the benefits of cutting sugar from your diet

Over the years many foods have been seen as bad for our health. We are encouraged to eat low fat products instead of full fat versions and the supermarket shelves are containing more and more organically produced fruit and vegetables as we all try to eat as healthily as possible but in recent times the focus has been on the added sugar that is in so many of the processed food that we buy.

The effect of this hidden sugar in our diet is to make our blood sugars rise and fall greatly through the day raising our insulin levels which is not good for our health. This constant yoyoing of our blood sugar and insulin levels can cause weight gain, poor sleep and hormone issues so it is wise to try to cut back on the sugar in our diet as much as possible ideally without resorting to sweeteners which can cause their own issues.

When trying to cut added sugar from our diets it is important to realise that the natural sugars that are found in fresh fruit are ok to have it is refined sugars that should be avoided. By looking at the labels, most processed products can be seen to contain added sugar, so it is a good idea to get into the habit of checking the amount of sugars that they have in them. In a relatively short time, the benefits of reducing these sugars could be evident resulting in improved sleep, mood and weight loss.