What is unexplained infertility?

Infertility can be an extremely distressing condition for any couple who is trying to get pregnant. It may be that it is their first time at trying to conceive or maybe they are experiencing secondary infertility which can mean they do not have the ability to conceive after having no issues previously.

Many couples will go to a fertility clinic to seek the help of an expert who can carry out some tests to try and establish what the issue is. It may be that all the tests come back clear and there is no known reason for the infertility. This is called unexplained infertility and is often the outcome for many couples.

Much more research is needed in to this area as many of the trials that have been done are either decades old or have only been tried in assisted cycles such as with IVF. There must be a reason for the infertility it is often the case through that this reason is never discovered. Often when this is the case the couples only options to have their own child is IVF which can come with its own set of worries and issues. It is worth taking the time to fully research all your options before going ahead with any treatment to ensure that it is right for you and your partner.