Which exercise is best for me?

When you want to get fit and healthy it can sometime be difficult to know where to start. It’s important to consider your current health and any existing injuries or weakness that you may have. If you have issues with your knees for example, then running or cycling may put extra strain on these areas.

If you haven’t exercised for a while you will need to start off slowly and gradually build u your fitness level and strength.

Swimming can be an excellent exercise option as the water offers support for all your joints whilst you move reducing your risk of injury. The cool water can also help you to exercise without overheating and getting dehydrated. Just 30 mins of gentle swimming can see you burning up to 500 calories too so it’s a great weight-loss solution.

Another good starter point is walking. It may sound a bit boring but walking, particularly at an incline, is a great all-round toner for your body and super-efficient at burning calories as well as improving your cardiovascular health. Which ever exercise you choose little and often is key. You should aim for 30 minutes bursts of accelerated heart rate at least 3 times per week to keep your heart and body healthy. You may find varying your exercise helps to keep you motivated and setting yourself small achievable goals will keep you on track.