Cutting out the sugar from your diet

It is amazing actually how much sugar we consume in our day to day diet. We often think if something is sugar free then it is ok, but usually these sugars are replaced by artificial sweeteners. It is very easy to lose track of the amount of sugar you are consuming as often we only count the sugar we put in our tea or on our cereal. You may be shocked to find out how much is out that piece of cake that you love or that granola that you thought as very healthy.

Our blood sugar levels are very important and ideally you want to try and keep them as balanced as possible. Blood sugars effect lots of other processes in the body linked to hormones, digestion and how our brain functions. Spikes in our blood sugar may give us a bit of a burst of energy but this is always followed by a sugar crash which leads our bodies craving more sugar to get the energy levels back up again and over time this can lead to a sugar addiction.

Cutting out sugar from your diet can be hard work and you will often find the first week or so that you experience headaches etc. But it can have so many health benefits in the long run and contribute to good dental care.