Vasectomy Reversal

Family planning has become a common practice in modern households. However for women, there are a lot of choices to choose from. Ranging from the use of IUDs, patches and pills to shots. However for men, the options are not so vast. And apart from the condom, the only other effective way of birth control is vasectomy.

And although this process should be reversible, many men of late are trying to get the process reversed. Luckily science has gotten a way around the previously thought of permanent procedure. Vasectomy is a fairly simple procedure where the surgeons get to the vas-deferens and cut it (this is the tube that transfers the sperms to the urethra in the penis, from the testicles). With this, a man can enjoy permanent birth control and without any side effects. The reversal of this procedure is what is called Vasectomy reversal.

I should say however that this reversal procedure however, is not always successful as tempting as it may be. It depends on how long the decision to do the reversal takes as the body has a tendency to not recognize its sperms anymore and actually start producing anti bodies against them. And the reconnection of the reproductive system may be successful the man may have low chances of getting his partner pregnant.

There are two kinds of procedure however that can be performed to achieve this reversal. The first is vasovasostomy. In this procedure, the both ends of the vas-deferens are connected together. The second procedure is called vasoepididymostomy. In this one the vas deference is directly reattached to the epididymis. It is however used when the prior procedure does not work. In both these procedures however the patient can depart for home after it is done. It is however impossible to know which procedure is going to be done on you. The decision is normally made by the surgeon after he performs a test before the procedure starts. This test will involve him taking sample fluids from the vas deferens’ end (close to one of the testicle) and determine if it contains sperms. If the fluid obtained does not have sperms, and is creamy, it shows that there is a blockage. Therefore, a vasepididymostomy procedure will be carried out to bypass this blockage. There are other factors that determine this decision. Note that a combination of these procedures can be done on either side. Vasovasostomy is fairly easy and only requires about 2hours to be done. However, vasoepididymostomy is a relatively complex one. This is because the epididymis is 1/300 inches wide and 1/1000 in thickness. This is a very small part of the reproductive system, right? A specialised surgeon has to carry it out. It takes up to about 4 hours and an epidural block used. Pain after surgery is common and can be eased by mild painkillers.

These procedures can be carried out in several health centres in the United Kingdom. At an inclusive cost of £1995 it can be done in Headland Vasectomy Clinic and for £2831 in the vasectomy reversal centre.If you are to do this procedure, be sure to consult a specialist.