Using Treadmills vs Cross Country Running

Running on treadmills and running out in the open countryside can be both be ideal if you’re looking to boost your fitness. There is one slight disadvantage with a treadmill, and when you’re running, the machine is essentially placing your foot in the next position, without a lot of work on your part, and you will certainly burn more miles if you run out in the open than you would on a treadmill.

Then again, with cross-country running here can be the tendency to stop or walk when you’re feeling tired, and on a treadmill you may only need to change the settings down slightly, and it helps you remain at a comfortable pace so you do not end up overworking your body too fast.

The choice is yours when it comes to using a treadmill or opting for cross country running, and you should chose the right option for your needs, and your running style.