Does your skin need some TLC?

It is perhaps no surprise that after the past year our skin is revealing the stress that we have been feeling with research showing that many people have been suffering with anxiety who previously had never had such concerns before. One of the first places that this sort of stress shows is in our skin as we come out in rashes and breakouts more frequently than normal. The beauty companies have used this as an opportunity to push products that are purported to heal our skin and bring back that healthy glow that we all desire.

One of the most recent developments is cica balms which have been used for centuries to treat irritation and heal skin. Searches for cica products online have rocketed in recent months as users want to firm, repair or soothe their skin.

Barrier creams have become necessary to protect the skin on our hands as we are all washing our hands more frequently and using drying hand sanitiser. The best ones contain lipids that mimic the natural composition of the skin and help to retain moisture keeping our hands hydrated throughout the day.

For those concerned with healthy skin care the next big thing is electrolytes. They are designed to provide a deeper level of hydration to the skin by conducting electricity when mixed with water, enabling cells to regulate pH levels and keep the body’s hydration system in check.