Do Your Teeth Need to be Whitened?

White teeth are a big trend at the moment, with anyone in the public eye opting to have whiter than natural teeth. This can make everyday people feel like they need to whiten their teeth, and you may feel that, looking around you, you are unhappy with the natural colour of your teeth. If this sounds like the case, here is what you should do:

  • See a dentist. They can help you to understand whether your teeth are stained or damaged, and can discuss whether whitening will be a good idea. This will depend on many factors, like your skin tone and the shade that you would like to achieve.
  • Think about other options. You don’t just have to have whitening on your natural teeth. There is also the option of having veneers or bridges if you have more structural damage to your teeth. In fact, some people choose to have veneers anyway, as they can make teeth look more perfect.