3 Additional Foods to Add to a Healthy Diet

Unfortunately there’s a lot of gumpf in the weight loss and diet industry. No matter what people think, there are plenty of healthy foods out there today to choose from and we’re giving you three of the best which are all available to buy from your local grocery store or supermarket for a relatively low cost. If you want to get some healthy fat and protein, then our first option is great; pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkins seeds can actually be really good for you and they have some substance so try replacing a chocolate bar with a handful of pumpkin seeds if you’re looking to start a diet, it’s certainly an adequate replacement.

Another good food for your diet, if you’re not a vegan or a vegetarian is skinless chicken which packs a huge protein punch for build and repairing muscle mass which is required to perform daily tasks and exercises if you’re a regular gym go-er.