The Various Techniques Used in Cosmetic Dentistry, Leicester

While traditionally people would visit a dentist only when they had serious dental problems, it is now increasingly common to see people visiting dentists for cosmetic reasons.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving a person’s appearance, smile and the face in general. In addition the practice is used for restorative reasons for example the use of dental filling procedures to deal with decayed teeth or even to fill missing gaps.

Other procedures to improve one’s appearance include straightening, reshaping, lightening and repairing teeth. Those living in Leicester and its environs have nothing to worry about because cosmetic dentistry Leicester is commonly available in a place near you.

Some common treatment options available in cosmetic dentistry Leicester include the following:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth can get stained due to various reasons including poor oral practices, smoking, food and drinks taken like wine, coffee and tea. Some people may even have coloured teeth due to genetic factors. When this happens, it is recommended that the teeth should be bleached so that one regains that confident smile again.

The addition of Inlays and Onlays

Teeth may have decayed to a point where they must be repaired to continue functioning. To deal with this problem cosmetic dentists create inlays and onlays in a laboratory, which are then bonded with adhesive in to the patient’s mouth.

Dental Implants

One may lose a tooth or several teeth due to various factors like decay or even through an accident. Not only does this make it difficult for one to eat, but it can also be very unattractive because missing teeth make people look much older than they really are. If one looses the front teeth, smiling or even talking before people becomes an uphill task. Missing teeth can be replaced using artificial teeth known as dental implants that drastically improve one’s appearance.

Dental Veneers

When teeth are not carefully taken care of, they often crack and chip which can be unattractive and extremely painful. This problem can be solved by use of dental veneers which are composite laminates that are usually bonded to a tooth’s surface. It is also a good way of dealing with problematic gaps between teeth.Teeth JewelryThis involves sticking small pieces of jewels on to the teeth to enhance their beauty.

Mouth Reconstruction

A person may have serious problems with their teeth, muscles and the general bone structure in the mouth. This can highly interfere with one’s general appearance making it necessary for a full mouth reconstruction to be performed. A cosmetic dentist is able to perform a thorough assessment and provide all the necessary treatment to ensure that the problem is corrected to return that natural appeal to one’s facial expression.

When one has a cosmetic problem with their dental area and facial appearance it ultimately affects their self confidence, which in turn affects their day to day lives. With the advancement of dental technology, there is no reason why one should continue suffering.

Most of the cosmetic dentistry procedures are readily available and can be done within a day. You only need to ensure that these procedures are carried out by trained professionals. A simple search on cosmetic dentistry Leicester will provide you with so many options that you will be spoiled for choice.