Low Calorie Lunches

Lunch is an important meal, but when you head to the local supermarket, you may find low calorie lunches are hard to come by. Sandwiches tend to have around 400 calories, whilst sushi, pasta pots and salads can have just as many calories.

Low calorie lunches are out there to be found though, and you don’t necessarily have to buy an apple and an orange. Popcorn can be low in calories while they can satisfy your appetite, while brown bread, pita bread or wraps with a couple of slices of ham can be very low in calories.

This is because there is no fattening mayonnaise, and the sandwiches you find supermarkets tend to contains calorific sauces, and more fillings than you actually need. Taking more caution with your lunches can help you lose weight, so try to avoid those high calorie everyday lunches and strip them back a little bit from time to time.