A Few Neat Tricks to Losing Weight


There are a few neat tricks which you can do to help jump start your weight loss program. These aren’t really anything to do with a diet per say, but things which you can do to begin changing your attitude towards food. One thing which you can do to better understand how much food your body needs is to reduce the size of your cutlery. This is because your body takes a while to notice that it has had enough and stop sending messages to your brain that it needs to eat more. Using smaller cutlery increases the time it takes you to eat a meal, and therefore gives your body more time to say it has had enough. A useful way of changing your attitude to food is to begin a food diary, where¬† you can record all of the food you’ve consumed, including the caloric intake. This will give you a more correct basis on which to plan your diet, as well as a greater understanding of how much more you consume than is necessary.