Eat your greens to aid digestion

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If you want to change the way you eat to incorporate more vegetables one of the healthiest greens to eat is kale as it is full of vitamins and nutrients. It has become increasingly popular especially so at this time of the year when it is in season and can be easily bought. This fibrous leafy green is great for digestion as it helps your body process what you eat efficiently while its high iron content is beneficial particularly if you do not eat read meat regularly.

If you try to follow a Mediterranean diet rich in onions, peppers and tomatoes, kale fits well alongside these and is a firm favourite of the Italians who incorporate the vegetable into many Italian dishes.

Adding kale to a meal can be a quick an easy way to add vitamins to your diet and it is so simple to prepare. Pan fry kale with a little olive oil for a few minutes adding garlic if desired or drizzle with olive oil and put in the oven until crispy.

If you are a fan of smoothies, a handful of kale blended with banana, pineapple and avocado gives a delicious, healthy smoothie to start the day.

Cutting out the sugar from your diet

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It is amazing actually how much sugar we consume in our day to day diet. We often think if something is sugar free then it is ok, but usually these sugars are replaced by artificial sweeteners. It is very easy to lose track of the amount of sugar you are consuming as often we only count the sugar we put in our tea or on our cereal. You may be shocked to find out how much is out that piece of cake that you love or that granola that you thought as very healthy.

Our blood sugar levels are very important and ideally you want to try and keep them as balanced as possible. Blood sugars effect lots of other processes in the body linked to hormones, digestion and how our brain functions. Spikes in our blood sugar may give us a bit of a burst of energy but this is always followed by a sugar crash which leads our bodies craving more sugar to get the energy levels back up again and over time this can lead to a sugar addiction.

Cutting out sugar from your diet can be hard work and you will often find the first week or so that you experience headaches etc. But it can have so many health benefits in the long run and contribute to good dental care. 

Is there a difference between the types of Museli that you consume?

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Muesli is just a breakfast dish-based on natural rolled oats along with other elements including clean or dry fruits grains, vegetables and almonds, and could be combined with cowis milk almond yogurt milk or juice.

Muesli that is packed is just a free combination of cornflakes or primarily combined oatmeal as well as vegetables, almonds, and numerous dry fruit items. It generally includes additional folded cereal grains for example rye or grain flakes. There are lots of types, which might additionally include herbs sweetie, or candy. This dried packed muesli offered rapidly after mixing with juice dairy, fil, yogurt, caffeine, warm candy, or water and may shop for all weeks. Bits of good fresh fruit might be included if preferred. Alternately, the blend might be soaked in dairy after which offered with compote or good fresh fruit to flavor.

Muesli may also be newly prepared utilizing wholegrain oatmeal which have been soaked in water or juice or both dried rolled oatmeal.

Low Calorie Breakfasts

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As you all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the deal. Even if you’re on a diet, you should never avoid breakfast, instead opt for a low calorie breakfast which will still give you enough energy till lunchtime. Check our top 3 suggestions below.

Wholemeal bread with honey: If you have a sweet-tooth, this may be perfect for you. Try spreading honey on toasted wholemeal bread and enjoy the benefits of a sweet start to the day which is low on calories.

Scrambled egg with mushrooms: You would have to make the scrambled eggs without milk and butter to cut the calories out, but mixing in mushrooms to the mix will add flavour and volume.

Porridge with oats: A popular choice for those looking to cut down on weight. To keep calories down, mix the porridge with water instead of milk.

Cutting Down On Sugar

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If you feel like you have too much sugar in your daily diet, you most probably do. In the UK the average Brit has 140 teaspoons of sugar a week! This obviously leads to an unhealthy diet, a higher calorie intake and a larger waistline.

“Identify the sources of sugar in your diet, and decide what to cut out completely and what to cut down on. You don’t need to cut down on sugars found in fruit or dairy products because these foods contain lots of nutrients that are good for us. It’s the food high in added sugar, such as fizzy drinks, which contain lots of calories but few other nutrients that we should be trying to consume less of.” (NHS Website)

Check the colour-coded pie-chart on all food items which breaks down the percentage of sugar in each item. Of course if sugar is highlighted in red, then this means there’s a high amount of sugar in the food.