Snack Swapping Advice

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You don’t always have to go on an extreme diet to lose weight or keep fit, and it can just come down to eating sensibly. Snack swapping can help you improve your eating habits and to help you get started we’re providing you with a selection of good substitutions.

Popcorn can be a lot healthier and lower in calories than crisps, and by making this swap you could start to feel much healthier. It’s so easy to eat your way through several bags of crisps each day, and popcorn can be just as filling but actually healthier, especially if it is the type that doesn’t contain a lot of sugar or salt.


Another good substitution is swapping a sandwich for sushi. Sandwiches can be quick and convenient, especially if you’re eating in a hurry at work, but sushi can be purchased at the same price, and you’re likely to get more protein, less fat and fewer calories.

Using Treadmills vs Cross Country Running

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Running on treadmills and running out in the open countryside can be both be ideal if you’re looking to boost your fitness. There is one slight disadvantage with a treadmill, and when you’re running, the machine is essentially placing your foot in the next position, without a lot of work on your part, and you will certainly burn more miles if you run out in the open than you would on a treadmill.

Then again, with cross-country running here can be the tendency to stop or walk when you’re feeling tired, and on a treadmill you may only need to change the settings down slightly, and it helps you remain at a comfortable pace so you do not end up overworking your body too fast.

The choice is yours when it comes to using a treadmill or opting for cross country running, and you should chose the right option for your needs, and your running style.

Changing your Exercise Routine

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An exercise routine is a huge part of your lifestyle, and while it’s great that your body is getting some form of exercise, to make sure you mix it up from time to time. Swimming and running are great cardio exercises that can really help you lose weight and keep fit.

Like all exercises, you fully reap the  rewards when you put in maximum effort, and by mixing up your exercises and pushing harder; perhaps t do more laps  or more lengths in the swimming pool, you will begin to feel healthier.

Fitness can also include minor exercises, such as home workout DVDs and these can actually be quite intense, and they’re ideal if you only have a short space of time to get an exercise in, or if it’s raining outside and you don’t quite fancy running. If you’re bored of the same exercise routine don’t be afraid to mix it up, it could do you the world of good.