Should you take a higher dose of vitamins

Should you take a higher dose of vitamins

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Some vitamins have proven health benefits and can make a big difference to a person’s day to day life if taken correctly. On any vitamins you buy, it will tell you the recommended dose. This dose may be the upper limit to what a person can safely take but you may find that if you speak to a specialist they will advise you to take a higher dose.  

Taking a higher dose of any vitamin or medication without professional medical advice can result in irreversible damage to your body and be quite dangerous.

Many people swear by vitamin B6 as a way of helping with tiredness, mood swings, hormone imbalances and a number of other issues. The daily recommend dose of B6 is around 1.3mg for an adult between the ages of 18 and 50. Often people will be self-medicating with 200mg plus a day of the vitamin in desperation to see results. For many people this may be ok and not have any negative side effects, but with B6 having an effect on your nervous system, taking high doses for a long period may cause nerve damage. This may be reversible once you have stopped taking it, but it is not worth the risk.

What sort of exercise is right for you?

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Exercise is one of those things you either love or hate or maybe you only like certain types of exercise. There are so many different activities you can do that are classed as exercise that you may struggle to know which ones are right for you. Often you need to do some research in to what benefits different sorts of exercise can offer. For example, if you are looking to tone up your stomach muscles then you may do different exercises to if you are wanting to improve your upper body strength.

A fitness instruction will be able to advise you on what sorts of exercise you need to be doing, how often and for how long to achieve your goals, but you may also be able to find help and advice online.

Walking is a good gentle allrounder exercise but doesn’t often show quick results if you are looking for weight loss. I can help build up stamina and also strengthen your legs and back muscles. If you have any underlying health issues or are elderly then you may need to get some advice from your doctor before starting any form of exercise as they may recommend that you only do a limited amount to start with or avoid certain types.

Are you sleeping soundly?

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The importance of getting a good night’s sleep cannot be emphasised enough but as many of us struggle to either get to sleep or have quality sleep what can we do to improve this vitally important part of our lives?

A huge problem, that is a sign of the times for many, is sleep procrastination that is putting off going to bed and going to sleep. We try to relax in the evening but often find ourselves staring at a screen, scrolling through posts and videos unaware that time is passing by. We may feel that at the end of a busy day we want to do something before we retire for the night and so we stay awake when really we need to be getting that all important sleep.

Being strict with ourselves about screen time is one way that we can start to reset our sleep patterns. A time could be set approximately two hours before bedtime when phones, tablets and even television could be turned off and instead music could be listened to, or a book could be read. This gives our bodies time to unwind and get into a relaxed state ready for sleep.

It is important that the bedroom is the right temperature for sleep as we all know how difficult it is to get a good night’s sleep when it is too warm. A cool bedroom is much better so if it is possible to achieve this all well and good.

Does your skin need some TLC?

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It is perhaps no surprise that after the past year our skin is revealing the stress that we have been feeling with research showing that many people have been suffering with anxiety who previously had never had such concerns before. One of the first places that this sort of stress shows is in our skin as we come out in rashes and breakouts more frequently than normal. The beauty companies have used this as an opportunity to push products that are purported to heal our skin and bring back that healthy glow that we all desire.

One of the most recent developments is cica balms which have been used for centuries to treat irritation and heal skin. Searches for cica products online have rocketed in recent months as users want to firm, repair or soothe their skin.

Barrier creams have become necessary to protect the skin on our hands as we are all washing our hands more frequently and using drying hand sanitiser. The best ones contain lipids that mimic the natural composition of the skin and help to retain moisture keeping our hands hydrated throughout the day.

For those concerned with healthy skin care the next big thing is electrolytes. They are designed to provide a deeper level of hydration to the skin by conducting electricity when mixed with water, enabling cells to regulate pH levels and keep the body’s hydration system in check.

Make this year your healthiest year yet

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Instead of dwelling on the problems and difficulties of last year some people are using it to motivate them to make big changes in their lives and to think more seriously about their health and fitness. Even small changes such as reducing the amount of sugar in the diet, taking more regular exercise or making time in the day for some mindfulness can result in losing weight, feeling an increased level of fitness and better mental health.

A popular activity for those who want to improve their stamina and get out in the fresh air is running or jogging. There are many benefits to running on a regular basis such as strengthening leg muscles and improving cardiovascular health and many people enjoy the challenge of running further and further each day. There are lots of brilliant running apps that can be downloaded onto a phone, often for free that can be used as a way to motivate the runner using voice prompts and music.

If running is not an activity that you enjoy or you can not run due to health issues a much gentler exercise but equally as good for you is yoga. There are various types of yoga out there some which are more challenging than others, so it is a good idea to start with the basics and build up to more challenging moves and poses. Even if it is not possible to attend a class there are many online videos to follow to get you started. An essential part of yoga is the focusing of the mind and many people believe that it is this that helps to reduce anxiety levels and improve their feelings of wellbeing.

A large part of keeping healthy is about what we eat but this does not necessarily mean going on a diet in fact many people find that simply changing the way they think about food can have a dramatic effect on their health. Whereas a few years ago it was all about reducing the fat in our diet current thinking suggests that reducing the sugar in our food intake is much more beneficial to our general health, improving energy levels and sleep quality. Lots of processed foods have added sugar and so it is sensible to check the labels to see just how much sugar is in a food product and consider whether there is a lower sugar choice.